New Book by Marta Trklja

Marta Trklja has completed and published her newest novel “Three Lives of Simona Abrams: Unexpected Desire.” It is her fifth publication in five years.

The story portrays the various experiences of Simona’s love and the affect of those experiences on her life and the lives of others, beginning with her first love, the unexpected ending of that relationship, and continuing through her dysfunctional marriage. The book is available on Amazon UK.

“I have already started working on a preliminary work for my new historical novel, entitled, In The Shadows of the Setting Sun: Legend about Hasan Pasha Predojevic. Because of the extensive research of the history of the second half of the sixteenth century, I may not be able to brag next year to tell you that I finished six novels in six years. However, this work is in progress and, as our people would say, ‘When you begin to do somethind, half of the work is done,’” said Marta.

On September 26, of this year (2015), Marta had a book promotion in Pittsburgh where the Circle of Serbian Sisters has a reading club. “They invited me to do a presentation for them. There were eighty people there. It was a successful presentation. I ran out of books… It was a successful event, one of which I am quite proud. They asked many meaningful questions, so that the entire affair lasted almost three hours,” Marta relates.

“American Srbobran”, Wednesday, November 18, 2015