A great man is one who collects knowledge the way a bee collects honey and uses it to help people overcome the difficulties they endure - hunger, ignorance and disease!
- Nikola Tesla

Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.
- Franklin Roosevelt

While their territory has been devastated and their homes despoiled, the spirit of the Serbian people has not been broken.
- Woodrow Wilson

Kronos Quartet Beyond Zero: 1914-1918

A work for quartet with film

  • Aleksandra Vrebalov, composer
  • Bill Morrison, filmmaker
  • David Harrington and Drew Cameron, creative consultants
  • Janet Cowperthwaite, producer
  • Kronos Performing Arts Association, production management

About Beyond Zero: 1914–1918

"Unlike official histories, that have often romanticized and glorified the war, artists have typically been the keepers of sanity, showing its brutality, destruction, and ugliness. For many, across history, creating art in those circumstances served as a survival mechanism.

While working on Beyond Zero: 1914–1918, I was inspired by anti-war writings, music, and art created during and immediately after World War I, including, for example, the writings of Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon, the music of Satie and Debussy, and the Dada movement.  The piece draws from their disillusionment about heroism and patriotism, summed up in Owen’s line from Dulce et Decorum, that to die for one’s country is the old lie.

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Veljkov čudesni „Istočni vetar“ najbolja kompozicija

Veljko Nenadić, 16-godišnji kompozitor i pijanista iz Smedereva, treći put zaredom pobedio je na takmičenju „Golden Key Piano“ u Americi, ovoga puta sa kompozicijom za duduk, frulu i klavir "Istočni vetar", koju je napisao za školsku drugaricu Nedu Nikolić, najboljeg mladog frulaša u Srbiji.

Veljko je pobedio u konkurenciji do 18 godina, poslavši partiture i video-zapis "Istočnog vetra".

- Žiri nije krio zadovoljstvo predivnom melodijom i harmonijama inspirisanim tradicionalnim srpskim foklorom, koji su utkani u ovu izuzetnu kompoziciju, a takođe i virtuoznom interpretacijom na duduku i fruli Nede Nikolić - kaže Romana Repustić Nikolić, razredni starešina mladih muzičara, učenika drugog razreda srednje muzičke škole "Kosta Manojlović" iz Smedereva.

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Србин трећи таленат САД у свом узрасту

„Будућих 150", највећи медијски ауторитет за средњошколску кошарку у Америци, на својој новој листи најталентованијих играча рођених 2000. године на трећу позицију је лансирао – нашег Балшу Копривицу.

Реч је о сину Славише Копривице, члана Партизанове генерације шампиона Европе из 1992. године, који игра за средњошколску екипу Универзитет „санс" из Форт Лодердејла на Флориди.

Још увек ученик осмог разреда основне школе, 14-годишњак са висином од 210 сантиметара и 108 килограма привукао је такву пажњу у Америци да је већ неколико значајних колеџа показало интересовање да буде у њиховој „класи 2019": Охајо стејт, Бејлор, Мајами и Џорџија тек.

На листи „Будућих 150" који „у компјутеру" има хиљаде највећих нада читавих САД које ће стасати за колеџ до 2020. године, Копривица је у својој генерацији један од само петорице са максималним рејтингом од 100 бодова за – НБА потенцијал.


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Nagrada za film "Ničije dete" u Palm Springsu

Debitantsko ostvarenje reditelja Vuka Ršumovića, film "Ničije dete" proglašen je najboljim u selekciji "Novi glasovi/Novi pogledi" na prestižnom Međunarodnom filmskom festivalu u Palm Springsu, koji se svečano zatvara 12. januara. Veoma smo impresionirani ovim ubedljivim i višeslojnim debijem reditelja i scenariste iz Srbije, stoji u obrazloženju festivalskog žirija.

"Dete-glumac (izvanredna izvedba Denisa Murića) prolazi kroz neverovatne transformacije u ovoj ličnoj, intimnoj priči smeštenoj u trenutku istorijskog prevrata. Pažljivo razmatrani, a opet neočekivani izbori kao i hrabra režija, donose film koji je istovremeno savremen i univerzalan, i žiri sa nestrpljenjem iščekuje nova dela ovog uzbudljivog, talentovanog reditelja", dodaje se u saopštenju.

Selekcija "Novi glasovi/Novi pogledi" (New Voices/New Visions) ove godine obuhvatala je deset internacionalnih ostvarenja mladih reditelja čiji se filmovi prvi put prikazuju na festivalu u Palm Springsu, a da pritom nisu ušli u bioskopsku distribuciju u SAD.


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The Serbian Medieval Cultural Legacy - Exhibit and Celebration


East Central European Center

Please honor us with your presence at:


Atrium, 15th floor, International Affairs Building (420 W 118th St.)

January 23, 2015 // 6:30PM–8:30PM


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Episcopal Nativity Greeting by His Grace Bishop Maxim

By the Grace of God Orthodox Bishop of Western America
Grace, Peace and Mercy from the God-Child Christ the Savior

My dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

On this sacred day of the Nativity and Holy Theophany, we celebrate the greatest Offerings presented to humankind, the gift of the Lord Himself and the gift of eternal life. God the Father gave His Son, and the Son gave Himself so that we might be restored to the life and communion for which we were created.
As we bow in reverence and thanksgiving to the Source of Life, let us offer all our being freely for His Glory and service, sharing in the life, love and peace that will be ours for all eternity in the Church which exists as a constant Theophany.

As we await once again the Coming of the Sun of Righteousness, joyfully proclaiming Come o Lord, I pray that infinite grace and love of God illumine you with the pure peace of Christ Who was born on this day for our salvation.

May the incarnate Word of God, born in the cave and laid in a manger, be with you and those you love, as you walk throughout the New Year by the intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos and all the Saints.


May the New Year of our Lord 2015 Be Blessed!

In the New Born Christ-Child, our Savior,
Bishop of Western America MAXIM

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Chicago Serbian Film Festival

December 5, 6, 7 2014


Chicago Serbian FilmFest is an annual celebration of the best in contemporary Serbian cinema. Over the course of three nights, we present carefully selected Serbian movies, which have won over festival audiences around the world. In attendance are guest actors and filmmakers who, after the screenings, engage in Q&A sessions with the audience. Join us this year, so our festival can continue to grow and attract a loyal following.

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Listen and Ask Questions of Serbian Archeologist

at St. Nikola Church, Brookfield, Illinois

Misko Kaludjerovic, a Serbian archeologist, explored many excavations throughout the Serbian territory which proved to be one of the richest finds in Europe. It is an area of our ancestry where many empires, emperors, rulers, and battles, have taken place. Misko will begin a speaking series, introducing the archeological finds in the places of origin of our parishioners and Sunday School children. Please join us for this most insightful archeological journey with a question and answer session for you to gain additional information about your rich Serbian ancestry.

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All-Night Vigil in the Church of Christ the Savior in Arcadia

Eve of the Feast Day of the Entry into the Temple of the Most Holy Theotokos
December 3, 2014, 9 p.m. Please join us!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In the Church of Christ the Savior in Arcadia, on December 3, 2014, the Eve of the Feast Day of the Entry into the Temple of the Most Holy Theotokos, there will be served an All-Night Vigil (Feast Day Vigil and Divine Liturgy) which will begin at 9 p.m.

His Grace, Bishop Grigorije of Zahumlje-Herzegovina, His Grace, Bishop Maxim of the Western American Diocese, Abbot of the Tvrdos Monastery Hieromonk Sava, and the clergy of the Los Angeles Deanery will be present at this prayerful gathering.

By this act our Diocese is renewing an old practice of serving an All-Night Vigil on the eve of a Feast Day with participation of all clergy, monastics, and the faithful from all neighboring parishes.

Our traditional chanting will contribute to the magnificence and grandeur of a night vigil.

We invite you all to attend this All-Night Vigil and, in that way, to symbolically participate in the Vigil of Sacred Serbian Royal Lavra of Hilandar where the monastics on this Feast Day will also have their Slava celebration.

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Српкиња двоструки амерички академик

Гордана Вуњак-Новаковић 2012. изабрана у Националну инжењерску академију, а недавно у Медицински институт – оба под окриљем Националне академије наука.

Најбоља српска научница свих времена Гордана Вуњак-Новаковић недавно је – сликовито говорећи – постала двоструки амерички академик.Пре две године изабрана је у Националну инжењерску академију, а минулих дана у Медицински институт. Два поменута огранка и Национални истраживачки савет чине најугледније у свету учено друштво – Националну академију наука САД. Други пут потврђено јој је почасно место у друштву више од 300 нобеловаца, колико их је у њеном саставу.


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People Directory

Mitchell Paige

Mitchell Paige was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic efforts on Oct. 26th, 1942 at Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.

Col. Paige was born in a small western Pennsylvania town of Charleroi, near the Ohio state line. His parents were Serb immigrants who came to the U.S. around the turn of the 20th century from the Serbian Vojna Krajina, which was back then a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. . Read more ...


In the Mirror

A Collection of Iconographic Essays and Illustrations

By Fr. Stamatis Skliris

The Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Western America is pleased to announce the publication of an outstanding book by Fr. Stamatis Skliris, a disciple of the great twentieth-century theologians Archimandrite Justin Popovich and Bishop Athanasius Yevtich. Fr. Stamatis is a parish priest in Athens and is renowned as an iconographer and as a writer and lecturer on Byzantine iconography.

In the Mirror is the second of a planned collection of works of contemporary theologians. It is an anthology of Fr. Stamatis’ articles which have appeared in Greek and Serbian. In it, he combines adherence to the teachings of the Church Fathers with a vibrant expression of faith through the experience of Christ in the Church. The book is adorned with more than 200 striking icons and illustrations by Fr. Stamatis.

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