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Natalija Nogulich

NATALIJA NOGULICH, newly published author of her debut novel, ONE WOMAN’S WAR, just performed in the season finale of NCIS, followed by an episode of Disney’s KICKIN’ IT. She also recently completed Season One of ABC series, RED WIDOW, as Russian mob wife, Elena Petrova. In March, Natalija appeared in HBO’s biopic, PHIL SPECTOR, as Italian journalist, Giovanetta Ricci; on Disney Channel in WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE REUNION starring Ms. Nogulich as Carmela.


Originally from CHICAGO she was educated in Illinois and in Spain and Italy. Studying and traveling throughout Europe, she gained command of five languages. After receiving her B.A. from Lake Forest College, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa, she went on to study and work with David Mamet at his St. Nicholas Theatre Company in Chicago. Later she was under the tutelage of Stella Adler and Michael Moriarty, both in New York and Los Angeles. Natalija was also a student of Kenneth McMillan until he inaugurated her teaching and directing career in Los Angeles.

On BROADWAY, she starred in HURLYBURLY, THE ICEMAN COMETH, and ACCOMPLICE; as well as innumerable off-Broadway productions, including RESTORATION at New York Theatre Workshop in 2010. On Los Angeles stages, she has been seen at the Mark Taper Forum in SCENES FROM AN EXECUTION; in the title role of TAMARA; and won four Drama-Logue Acting Awards for: THE THREE SISTERS, HEDDA GABLER, THE WHITE ROSE and ONCE IN A LIFETIME. Additionally, she starred in many regional productions throughout the United States, including the Pulitzer Prize Finalist, THE WAVERLY GALLERY at the Pasadena Playhouse, (for which she was awarded the “Entertainment Today” Best Supporting Actress Award), and George Bernard Shaw’s MISALLIANCE at Center Stage in Baltimore.

Natalija has been featured in five David Mamet FILMS: PHIL SPECTOR, SPARTAN, HOMICIDE, THINGS CHANGE, THE WATER ENGINE, and as Jack Nicholson’s wife in HOFFA. She had done over thirty films including: THE HOLLOW, STEAL BIG - STEAL LITTLE, ABOVE SUSPICION, AN EYE FOR AN EYE, THE GLASS SHIELD, THE CHASE, POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE, BLOOD IN - BLOOD OUT, THE GUARDIAN, CHRISTMAS VACTION, FOUR FRIENDS, STONY ISLAND and others. Two of Ms. Nogulich’s independent films, I’LL MELT WITH YOU, and COMMENTARY were 2011 Sundance Film Festival Entries.

On TELEVISION she is most known for her role as Admiral Nechayev in STAR TREK – THE NEXT GENERATION; and she’s done numerous movies for television including: JANE DOE 9, LOCUSTS, PIZZA WARS, GROWING PAINS, DYING TO DANCE, THE SLEEPWALKER KILLING, LAZARUS MAN, and has recurred on episodics: THE WEST WING, THE PRACTICE, THE PRETENDER, BROOKLYN BRIDGE, TRACY TAKES ON, to name a few. She has guested on many other shows including David Mamet’s hit series, THE UNIT, BONES, NIP/TUCK, THE CLOSER, HUFF, CROSSING JORDAN, WITHOUT A TRACE, CHARMED, the award winning 24; and MTV’s new show, THE HARD TIMES OF R.J. BERGER which premiered Spring, 2010. She guest starred on the new hit TVland Series, HOT IN CLEVELAND which aired in February, 2011.

As Artistic DIRECTOR of THE GRACE PLAYERS THEATRE COMPANY, which she founded in 1994, Ms. Nogulich produced and directed the West Coast Premiere of David Mamet’s adaptation of Chekhov’s THE THREE SISTERS, which garnered four Drama-Logue Awards including Best Direction and Best Production. She directed the World Premiere of Jason Milligan’s comedy WALKING ON THE MOON; six ONE ACT FESTIVALS, and over twenty other projects featuring actors Joe Mantegna, W.H. Macy, George Segal, Frank Langella, Burt Reynolds, Charles Durning, Carol Kane, Lolita Davidovitch and others.

In Washington, D.C., she directed David Selby in his play LINCOLN AND JAMES at the 1400-seat Lincoln Theatre in honor of the dedication of the first Monument to Afro-American soldiers of the Civil War. In 2000, she directed her own adaptation of ROMEO AND JULIET IN THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR at Davis Theatre in Illinois, and in 2001 she directed a production of her own adaptation of AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE at the same theatre.

In Los Angeles at the Egyptian Arena Theatre, she directed SUPREME THERAPY, a world premiere play written by Michael Davidson starring Ray Abruzzo of “The Sopranos.” In the fall of 2004 she directed and starred in the World Premiere of a new adaptation of Alexander Dumas’ novel, “Camille,” entitled THE DAME OF NEW ORLEANS, which she wrote. In 2006 she compiled, edited and directed A TRIBUTE TO EUGENE O’NEILL; and in January of 2007, she helmed a revival of BURN THIS, starring members of The Grace Players Company. The Grace Players then produced a Shakespeare Festival honoring the Bard’s Birthday in April, 2007, which Ms. Nogulich directed. Other theatrical projects include A HOLIDAY POTOPOURRI, a benefit for the children of severely wounded American troops in Iraq.

Ms. Nogulich is a produced PLAYWRIGHT and NOVELIST. She wrote and directed a documentary short called CORPORAL JAKE, about World War I Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Jake Allex. It was filmed in Kentucky and Chicago and was produced by BGFilmz of Chicago.

Natalija TEACHES graduate and undergraduate Film Directing Students at the renowned Art Center College of Design (where she is Adjunct Professor) in Pasadena. This fall she will also be teaching at AFI Conservatory in Los Angeles. She has been a Visiting Professor in the Theatre Department at Principia College, Notre Dame University and Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, and has also taught at the Los Angeles Country High School of Performing Arts. She is a Private Coach to Los Angeles actors and directors.

Natalija Nogulich currently lives in Los Angeles, where she continues to ACT, WRITE and TEACH.

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Meet Natalija Nogulich - Actress, Writer, Teacher

Editor's Note: Natalija Nogulich is one of our own, raised in Chicago by her parents, Helen and Walter Nogulich and by the "village" of St. Steven of Dechani Church on Leland Avenue. This past year her first novel, One Woman's War, was published. It's a story about Serbs in the homeland and Serbs in America, and the writer is the bridge between those two worlds. I asked Natalija's Kuma, Eve Nickolich, to put something together that would highlight her life and work. Eve is a retired Principal of Kennedy High School in Chicago and Deputy Chief Education Officer. Natalija's book can be bought on line through Amazon.

Who is she?

Daughter, Sister, and Granddaughter
Born in Chicago, Illinois she is the daughter of Walter and Helen Nogulich, sister to Daniella and Christ. She grew up in a very loving environment and was close to her grandparents: Sofia and Ristro Nogulich and Velinka and Jake Allex Mandusich (WWI Medal Honor Receipent). She started acting at the age of eight for community theatre. Her summers at Camp in Libertyville have left many fond memories. On Sunday you could find her at Stevan of Decani in Chicago, teaching Sunday School or singing in the choir.

Her education includes: Bell Elementary School where she was double promoted; Lake View High School, graduating with honors (member of the National Honor Society and a four year full scholarship to Lake Forest College, Phi Beta Kappa, the most prestigous Honor Society. Studying and travelling throughout Europe, she gained command of five languages. She went on to study and work with David Mamet at this St. Nicholas Theatre Company in Chicago. Later, she was under the tutelage of Stella Adler and Michael Moriarty, both in New York and Los Angeles. She was also a student of Kenneth McMillan until he inaugurated her to teach and direct.

Actress - on Broadway
On Broadway, she starred in Hurley Burley, The Iceman Cometh and Accomplice. Off-Broadway, she was in Restoration at the New York Theatre Workshop. In Los Angeles, she starred in Scenes from an Execution, in the title role of Tamara, winning four Drama-Logue Acting awards for Three Sisters, Hedda Gabbler, The White Rose, and Once in a Lifetime. She also starred in The Wavely Gallery at the Pasadena Playhouse for which she received "Enterainment Today"award for Best Supporting Actress.

Actress - Film
Natalija was featured in five David Mamet's films: Phil Spector, Spartan, Homicide, Things Change, and The Water Engine. She was Jack Nicholson's wife, in Hoffa. She has starred in over 30 films, including The Wizards Return: Alex vs Alex.

Actress - Television
She just performed in the seasoln finale of NCIS, followed by an episode of Disney's Kickin'It and recently completed season one of ABC series, Red Widow. As Russian mob wife, Elena Petrova. She is most known for her role as Admiral Nechaye in Star Trek- the New Generation. She also appeared in movies made for TV - Doe 9, Locusts, Pizza Wars, and Growing Pains. Her reoccuring roles on episodes were The West Wing, The Practice, The Pretender, Brooklyn Bridge to name a few. Her guest appearances include David Mamet's hit series, The Unit, Bones, The Closer, Crossing Jordan, the award winning "24" MTV's new show The Hard Times of R.J. Berger. She also stared in Hot in Cleveland.

Director and Producer
She founded The Grace Players Theatre Company in 1994. She produced and directed the west coast premiere of David Mamet's adaptation of Chekhov's The Three Sisters, which won four Drama-Logue Awards, including Best Direction and Best Production. She directed the world premiere of Jason Mulligan's comedy Walking on the Moon, Six One Act Festivals and over twenty over projects featuring actors Joe Mantegna, W. H. Macy, George Segal, Frank Langella, Burt Reynolds, Charles Durning, Lolita Davidovitch, and others. She also directed: Supreme Theraphy, a world premiere play written by Michael Davidson, starring Ray Abruzzo of "The Sopranos." She edited and directed A Tribute to Eugene O'Neill, and directed a production of her adaptation of An Enemy of the People in Washington, DC's Lincoln Theater.

Playwright and Novelist
She wrote and directed a documentary short Corporal Jake, which was about World War I Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Jake Allex Mandusich. It was filmed in Kentucky and Chicago and was produced by BGFILMZ of Chicago.

Adjunct Professor
Natalija teaches graduate and undergraduate film directing students at the renowed Art Center College of Design. She will also be teaching at AFI Conservatory in Los Angeles. She has been a Visitinbg Pfofessor at Principia College, Notre Dame University, and CAL POLY in San Luis Obispo. She also has taught at the Los Angeles Country High School of Performing Arts.

Private Coach
She is a private coach to LA actors and directors.

What is She Today?

One Woman's War: Tragedy strikes in a Balkan Mountain village when a young boy is murdered. The grieved mother flees to New York City in the hope of healing in the arms of her family. Renewal looks possible until the predator's identity is discovered and the desire for revenge drives our heroine back to her homeland to even up the score. Civil war, passion, love, and hate drive the characters to an unpredictable yet inevitable destiny.

From Natalija Herself

Eve: Why did you write this book?

Natalija: It was a story burning in me. I wrote it because I had to.

Eve: What is Kumstvo?

Natalija: My grandfather was your baptismal kum. My mother's family (Mandusich) and your father's family have been kumovi for over 100 years. This kumstvo began in the villages of Shar Planina outside of Prizren in Kosovo. In my book Shar Planina is Shar Mountain.

Eve: It was an honor writing this article. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Natalija: Zivila!

Comments or Summary
Reviews of One Woman's War

In One Woman's War, Ms. Nogulich has created deeply textured characters with who we become fully engaged. She then takes us to a complex world where family, politics, religion, and a hundred years of history intertwine as she weaves a captivating and exciting tale of faith, love, and devotion. Her story touches a chord with those of us with European backgrounds, reminding us of the suffering of those who sacrificed so much so we could have better lives here. It is clear Miss Nogulich writes with a foundation of love for her ancestry, and is sustained by a deep faith.
Joseph P. Gandursid

Ms. Nogulich writes with compassion, humor, and deep insight. One dramatic situation matures into the next, clearly and without sentimentality. As a whole, and sentence by sentence, it is a beautiful book."
David Mamet, Pulitzer prize-winning author

One Woman's War is one woman's masterpiece. Natalija Nogulich, consummate actor of stage and screen, has delivered a historical novel that glows in the dark. It is storytelling at its best. Filled with love and loss, revenge and redemption. Ms. Nogulich has the gift to simply weave a complex tapestry of epic drama with one's woman's destiny, that spans generations and continents. The first installment in a trilogy, One Woman's War, is a compelling page turner, funny, poignant, bittersweet, and beautifully written with a sense of poetry and life's absurdities. It is a must read.
Gary Koppel, Writer/Producer

This book demands attention to the personal side of conflict, to the damage and profound healing that accompanies war. But, for Nogulich, war goes much further than political strife. She handles the carnage of divorce and betrayals of friendship in the same details, with vivid acumen, that she frames clashes between cultures. Her work is moving in its honesty and delicate in its style. Her characters are at once strangers and loved ones, reminiscent of all of our ancestors and of ourselves.
Yael Prizant, PH.D.

With One Woman's War, Natalija Nogulich has written a timeless and profoundly moving first novel - a story and characters which will reverberate long after the last page is turned. In a style and prose that is uniquely her own, One Woman's War reads as if the words had grown from the very soil itself, so authentic is the voice speaking from the pages of this book. Rich and powerful, One Woman's War touches one to the core. This book is a must read.
Susan England, producer

Natalija Nogulich has written a novel that aches with love. An unpardonable act of brutality sets the stage for the unfolding of a human drama that threatens to submerge all the characters in a labyrinth of revenge set in motion centuries ago. If you want to know how it is that grace can arise out of darkness read this book.
Dean Rudov, Psychologist

This powerful first novel, written by Natalija Nogulich, stretches back to Sar Mountains of Serbia and on to New York City in America. A book you won't be able to put down until the very end. She tells a story of intrigue, friendship and betrayal. All these occuring during the 1990's Civil War take place in Serbia. Natalija Nogulich not only has a gift for acting, she has a gift for storytelling. It is recommended reading for all. This novel, without a doubt, would make a great movie. I'm looking forward to the sequel of this exciting first novel.
Natalie Radakovich

From Diocesan Observer, New Gracanica Monastery, 2013



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The collection of articles traces the thought of Christos Yanaras through his long journey in discovering the meaning of existence, communion, eros, and history. It is a cause of immense joy that no fewer than twenty articles of passionate significance and substance have at present been gathered together in this volume under the title The Meaning of Reality.

Yannaras is undoubtedly one of the most significant thinkers of our time. Kallistos Ware once described him as "the most creative and prophetic religious thinker at work in Greece today," while Rowan Williams characterizes him as "one of the most significant Christian philosophers in Europe." His very wide and no less deep education helps him to develop an inimitable blend of philosophy, theology, and social criticism, and to speak in an original way about the traditional and contemporary issues of human existence, as well as the latest challenges of modern empirical science and political engagement. A detailed knowledge of the writings of the Holy Fathers has always been his foundation amidst the labyrinth of modern thought - which is inimately bound up with psychoanalysis, environmental issues, human rights, postmodernism, and pluralism , to mention just a few. Insistence on the primacy, uniqueness, and eternal value of human personality prevails in almost all his works and inspires his own vigorous theological and ecumenical engagement, based on the Orthodox eucharistic and ascetic tradition.