A great man is one who collects knowledge the way a bee collects honey and uses it to help people overcome the difficulties they endure - hunger, ignorance and disease!
- Nikola Tesla

Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.
- Franklin Roosevelt

While their territory has been devastated and their homes despoiled, the spirit of the Serbian people has not been broken.
- Woodrow Wilson

We are proud to announce that a group of professors and leading experts from the University of Belgrade are scheduled to hold lectures on Serbian history and culture of the Middle Ages at this year’s International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Congress is world renowned and the largest annual gathering of scholars specializing in the Middle Ages. It hosts over 3, 000 participants from leading universities and academic institutions from all over the world. This is the first time, in 48 years, that Serbian medieval culture is being presented at the Congress in a special session dedicated solely to its artistic and historical heritage and cultural and spiritual identity.


Serbian Unity Congress Serbia, in cooperation with monastery Studenica and Studenica Foundation from America and with support of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Bishop Jovan from Sumadia organizes summer camps in Serbia, in July and August, for students aged 14-18. years.

Children will learn the Serbian language, history and culture, visit the tourist attractions of Serbia, have workshops with famous athletes and personalities from the public sphere.


June 24th to July 8th 2013

Join His Grace Bishop Maxim, Bishop of Western America and Fr. Blasko Paraklis of Orange County, CA on a fascinating guided tour of famed Mt. Athos in Greece, and Serbia, including Kosovo, Montenegro and Hercegovina. The tour will include many beautiful Orthodox churches and monasteries, overnight stays at various monasteries, veneration of holy relics, an audience with His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and visits to major attractions in Thessaloniki and Belgrade. Men will spend four days on Mount Athos, while the women take a cruise around Mount Athos and enjoy 4 days in a beautiful resort near the city of Uranopolis.


Rick Quinn, owner of Opolo Vineyards of Paso Robles, California has just announced the Opolo's 2013 Adriatic Coast Tour, led by Rick himself.

Rick was born in Minnesota where he was an active member of the Serbian Church and community of Duluth. He is an avid member, player and supporter of the tambura community. Come join your favorite winery as they taste, tour and experience the fine foods, wines, and sites of that part of Europe. The tour will be June 19 - July 2 and he is inviting those who would like to join the group tour to do so at the vineyard website.


- Topic: Idealization of the West and Cultural Dissonance in Serbia

- Lecturer: Andrei Simic, Professor of Anthropology, University of Southern California

- Place: Toll Room, Alumni House, UC Berkeley Campus

- Date: Tuesday, April 9, 2013

- Time: 5:15 pm

- FREE and Open to the Public

- Sponsored by the Institute of Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies, University of California, Berkeley, 510-642-3230


According to our source from United Kingdom, "Silver Mask" Productions and "North Shore" Pictures have teamed up to produce director Michael Anton's Nikola Tesla movie The Mad Scientist. The film is set to shoot in Pittsburgh in late August of this year. After weeks of anticipation Michael Anton has selected Serbian actor, Branko Tomovic to play Nikola Tesla in this biopic.


For those who might be interested, we wanted to share that Oksana Germain (age 17) will be performing solo recitals at two San Diego libraries in April. Both recitals will feature the music of Scarlatti, Debussy, Brahms, and Prokofiev. Admission is free!

У балској дворани хотела „Мериот" у центру Вашингтона окупили су се у среду професионалци еснафа у коме се мешају бизнис и задовољство: продавци и купци вина. Догађај је организовала компанија „Винбоу" (на енглеском ово име је комбинација речи вино и дуга), да би ресторанима и продајним ланцима показала своју понуду за ову годину..



People Directory

Tomislav Prvulovic

A Life Dedicated to Helping Others

Call him the modern-day Albert Schweitzer - on the front lines, fighting tropical diseases at the source for more than a quarter-century. He has been shot at 15 times in seven different wars, yet has never retreated, and once played a key role in war negotiation settlements between Somalia and Ethiopia.

Professor Tomislav Prvulovic MD, MPH, Ph.D., born in 1936 in a town called Jezero in the former Yugoslavia, has expertise in international public health, bio-terrorism and infectious and tropical diseases. But what sets him apart from conventional doctors is the way he has applied that knowledge.

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Treasures New and Old

Writings by and about St. Nikolai Velemirovich

Before us is a book about a theologian, a minister, a missionary, a writer, a poet, an apostle, a saint, a man of dialogue: this book is about St. Nikolai Velimirovic, Bishop of Ohrid and Zhicha (1880 - 1956), who along with his many other attributes is regarded, with good reason, as an Enlightener of the Americas, The renewed interest in this man and his works has resulted in the materialization of this book for English-speaking readers who wish to become acquainted with this extraordinary person. The collected texts provide an extensive over view of his life, present important testimonies about his personality, and offer essential insights into his theology. The authors penetrate the depths of his thought with remarkable precision and also elucidate his actions. The authros agree that the appearance of Nikolai Velimirovich marks an era of change in the ecclesiastical and theological paradigm as a result of his spirituality, ecclsiastical work, and theological position.