A great man is one who collects knowledge the way a bee collects honey and uses it to help people overcome the difficulties they endure - hunger, ignorance and disease!
- Nikola Tesla

Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.
- Franklin Roosevelt

While their territory has been devastated and their homes despoiled, the spirit of the Serbian people has not been broken.
- Woodrow Wilson

The Patriarch of Serbia Irinej

Respected Sir President of the General Assembly of the Organization of United Nations, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of humanity,

You have bestowed a great honor upon me by inviting me, as the spiritual head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, to speak about the culture of peace and about co-operation among nations, and to do so by addressing you who represent the nations of the world. And indeed, it is your task to take care about the well-being of all nations and every individual, and peace and harmony between people and nations are the first precondition of the well-being and future of humanity.

Friday, August 30, 2013 was the first day of the Jubilee Celebration of the Western American Diocese: Freedom to Pursue the Faith. This year during Diocesan Days we acknowledge several momentous anniversaries: 50 years of the founding of the Diocese, 150 years of the birth of Archimandrite Sebastian Dabovich, Holy Apostle to the Americas, and 1700 years of the Edict of Milan.

On this first day of Diocesan Days, all of our clergy from throughout our Diocese gathered together for a luncheon followed by a special Clergy Siminar with guest speaker V. Rev. Dr. John Erickson of St. Vladimir's Seminary. Later in the day, the Diocesan Council held it's annual meeting in preparation for the Annual Assembly. At the same time, the Diocesan Kolo Sprpskih Sestara held it's Annual Meeting with ladies from KSS organizations from churches throughout the diocese.


"It’s important to be humble, and important to be very open-minded toward all the people in the world. It doesn’t matter who it is, really, or how much amount of success that person has made, because you don’t measure the person through the success the person has made, but through his behavior."


...I advise you then, to go to cemetery when others go. There are beautifully arranged Serbian cemeteries in America. They were arranged by the Serbian natives who considered cemeteries – as they should be considered – the holiest places after God's holy church. You should know how beautiful Serbian tombstones are at the monastery of St. Sava in Libertyville, then the two cemeteries in Pittsburg, St. Sava and St. George, then thecemetery that is the most known among Orthodox people in San Francisco (Serbian Benevolent Society), then that olden one in Jackson, in Los Angeles and other places. - Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich

The best hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops and cultural spots in the city.

Visitors to Belgrade often hesitate to tell friends about the city's charms. In the calm of the last decade, the capital of Serbia has experienced a cultural explosion and today it feels distinctly like Europe's best-kept secret.


An exhibition of the Belgrade Museum of Nikola Tesla has opened at the New York Hall of Science in Queens.

The opening was attended by Heir to the Yugoslav Throne Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević, his wife Katarina, members of the diplomatic corps and intellectual and science figures from New York.

The exhibition, "Tesla's Wonderful World of Electricity," opened on Wednesday, on the birthday of the Serbian-American scientist and inventor, and was prepared in coordination with the New York museum and supported by the Belgrade City Hall and the Serbian General Consulate in New York.


Вашингтон – Никола Тесла је поново међу Американцима, овога пута захваљујући новој биографији генијалног научника, која је своју вашингтонску промоцију имала у уторак у Музеју америчке историје, делу престижне „Смитсонијан” институције, у оквиру које је највећи музејски комплекс света.

„Тесла, проналазач електричног доба” је књига од 500 страна чији је аутор Бернар Карлсон, професор на Универзитету Вирџинија и експерт за улогу технологије и иноваторства у америчкој историји.


Mr Ivan Tasovac, director of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, gave a speech at United Nations Headquarters in New York on Wednesday, 12 June 2013. Debate “Culture and Development” was opened by the UN Secretary-General Mr Ban Ki-moon and the President of the United Nations General Assembly Mr Vuk Jeremić.

In interactive panel discussion, except Ivan Tasovac, keynote speakers were Mr Thomas Campbell, Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Anthony Tommasini, the Chief Music Critic for the New York Times and Ms Miri Ben-Ari, Grammy Award Winning Violinist and Goodwill Ambassador of Music at the UN Brazil.




People Directory

Aleksandar Petrov

Aleksandar Petrov, born in Nis (Yugoslavia) 1938, received his Ph.D. at the University of Zagreb. For many years he was Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Literature and Art in Belgrade and Director of the History of Literature Department.

As an outstanding poet and novelist, Aleksandar Petrol is featured in the Dictionary of Literary Biography (v. 181, 242-250 p.p., Washington D.C. and London 1997) as one of the most important Serbian writers of the post World War II period. He has served as President of the Writers’ Association of Serbia and Acting President of the Writers’ Association of the former Yugoslavia. Petrov is a member of the International P.E.N. and several other literary and academic associations.

He has taught at over ten universities in the U.S.A. and has lectured extensively in many countries of the world. Since 1993, he is affiliated with The University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, U.S.A.  Petrov has published 8 books of poems in Serbia and translations of his books were published – in Britain, France, Spain, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Israel, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and the U.S.A. His poems were translated into 29 languages and included in anthologies of World, European, Yugoslav and Serbian poetry.

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Sebastian Press Mission Statement

Welcome to the Sebastian Press Publishing House of the Western Diocese!

Founded in 2006 and named in honor of a first American born Orthodox priest, Fr. Sebastian Dabovic, a pioneer of the Orthodox Church in the West, Sebastian Press is one of the largest and most active publishers of Christian Orthodox publications on the West Coast.

Our hard working staff seeks to fruitfully enrich and deepen the faith of Christians from all over the world with a variety of titles, embracing a diversity of Orthodox Traditions, while also presenting the works of Serbian theologians.

Sebastian Press is building its reputation for promoting high quality theological, historical, ecclesiastical, spiritual, hagiographical, iconographical, philosophical and patristic writings in its repertoire. Also, due to growing demand, we are giving special attention to the publishing of new titles for children, teens, and families, including video and audio programs.

The primary mission of Sebastian Press is to motivate and inspire its readers to seek a deeper union with the God-Man, through the written word of Orthodox Christian material, both on the scholarly and popular level, and to give glory to the life-giving Trinity.

Sebastian Press is located in Los Angeles, at the headquarters of the Western Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church.